Barbara Engelking - Publikacje

The Experience of the Holocaust and Its Consequences: An Investigation Based on Personal Narratives

Barbara Engelking

Editor: Gunnar S. Paulsson Translator: Emma Harris  Publisher: Continuum International Publishing Group
Publication Date: September 2002
ISBN: 0718502817
Pages: 368 Dimensions: 9.26x6.14x1.17 in. 1.25 lbs.

'The book is the product of protracted, laborious and scrupulous research and draws on a most extensive and varied assembly of documents. But the archival evidence, factual accounts and even personal narratives would have remained remote, dry and cold if not for the author's remarkable gift of empathy. Barbara Engelking gives the witnesses of the Holocaust a voice which readers of this book will understand ... Under her pen, memories come alive again.'
(From the Foreword by Zygmunt Bauman)

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